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UWA DAY is an annual developer conference with the theme of game development hosted by UWA, which covers major discussion topics related to game development, optimization, quality assurance, and cutting-edge technologies. After being successfully held for five sessions since 2017, UWA DAY has become an industry gathering not to be missed by the developer community.

The registration for the 6th “UWA DAY 2022 – Practicing the Industrialization of Game R&D” is now officially launched. There will be about 12 sub-venues and the number of topics will reach 70+. Let us stay tuned!

UWA DAY 2022 Overview

Time: October 22nd – October 23th, 2022 (UTC+8)

Location: Shanghai, China (The on-site and live broadcast will be synchronized. Due to the epidemic, the event may be changed to a live-streaming format.)

* Lecturers from overseas can attend through Live streaming or lecture recording submission.

UWA DAY 2022 Conference Topics

The topics of the conference mainly include six sections: programming, technical art, testing, designing and planning, art, and operation.

We are now recruiting speech topics from the game community. Click the submission link to go directly to the topic submission channel. Your sharing will eventually promote the progress of the industry, and we look forward to your participation.

* English or Mandarin is preferred to use when delivering the speech. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration Information

Registration Form:


Facebook: UWA | Facebook


Lecturer Bonus

  1. Free access to all conference videos of “UWA DAY 2022”;
  2. Free brand exposure across all UWA platforms in China and overseas.
  3. More importantly, you will gain attention and gratitude!


Past UWA DAYs Review

UWA DAY 2021 – Driving Game R&D Enter the Era of Industrialization

The conference was held successfully in December of 2021. This conference brought a feast of technology to the developers in the form of live streaming. There were 35 technical topics in the two-day conference, covering programming, art, production, planning, quality assurance, cutting-edge exploration, and other aspects.



UWA DAY 2020 – A Review to the Past and a Look to the Future



UWA DAY 2019 – Empowering High-Quality Games



UWA DAY 2018 – Fast, Precise, Caring



UWA DAY 2017 – Only Deep Accumulation and Profound Practice can Make it!




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