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In an industry event in 2019, miHoYo once called that in the future, if Chinese games are to become more popular in the global market, or even occupy half of the market, industrialization is a hurdle that must be overcome. With the regulation in controlling the game version numbers and the intensification of the stock market, the importance of the industrialization of game development has been further verified this year.

Objectively speaking, with the trend of high-quality products becoming popular in the game industry if the team wants to win the competition, the “industrialization” method empowered by technology may be the only way. But this does not mean that the two can be simply equated. In fact, only with the joint participation and practice of the entire industry, and ultimately achieving a comprehensive improvement in the level of research and development, can we truly enter the era of industrialization. And this is exactly the direction that UWA Technology has always adhered to.

The 6th UWA DAY Technology Conference, which will be held this weekend from October 22nd to 23rd, will focus on the theme of “Practicing the industrialization of game R&D”. UWA DAY 2022 invites industry experts from NUVERSE, NetEase, Tencent, Lilith, bilibili Games, as well as EPIC Games, Microsoft, Imagination, AWS, Wwise and so on to bring 47 speeches discussing client development, back-end technology, technical art, and test development production, planning and cutting-edge technology to the game developers community.



This year’s UWA DAY not only has a significant increase in the overall number of speeches compared with previous years but also has more diversified topics, meeting the different needs of various developers to a greater extent, to bring a great event to the game and XR industry with extremely rich technology gluttonous feast.

With the positive influence of education, carrying out the industrialization of game research and development to the end

In the past two years, “involution” has undoubtedly been the hottest word in the game industry, which is not difficult to understand. With the continuous emergence of explosive game projects in various sub-tracks, players’ requirements for game quality are increasing day by day, which invisibly forces the development team to continue improving game quality.

In a short period of time, the game industry has continuously increased the requirements for the scale of developers and their professional capabilities and then fell into the curse of involution, which directly led to a substantial increase in the development cost of enterprises. In this regard, reducing costs and increasing efficiency by optimizing tools and processes has become the choice of more and more manufacturers, and more and more game teams are exploring and transforming in the direction of industrialized R&D.

However, from the standpoint of most teams, how to implement standardization, standardization, specialization, automation, and large-scale R&D, so as to finally realize industrialized production, is still a metaphysical issue.

Rooted in the basic aspects of game development and cooperation with hundreds of game teams, UWA naturally feels the same way. Therefore, following the theme of “Helping game R&D into the era of industrialization” last year, this year’s UWA DAY will once again conduct in-depth knowledge and exploration of the implementation of “industrialization”.

As we know in advance that during the conference, Zhang Xin, CEO of UWA Technology will give a speech on the theme of “Practicing the Industrialization of Game R&D”, and will share experience in solving the dilemma that most R&D teams encounter in starting industrialization. The speech will cover aspects from how to build an “industrialized” R&D system, how to control the daily R&D process through processes and data, and how to improve the “industrialization” awareness and level of team R&D personnel, etc., to help implement standardized, standardized, professional and automated R&D process of game projects.

In the speech to be delivered by UWA CTO Zhang Qiang, he will introduce how UWA Pipeline can create a more complete industrialized performance guarantee system by providing more continuous and comprehensive performance monitoring and guarantee, as well as a more in-depth and precise method of locating performance problems.

And two engine development engineers Ren Zhiguo and Zhou Xuan from UWA will also introduce the experience of project optimization on the basis of the classic cases of UWA in-depth optimization of Unreal and Unity projects respectively, to confirm the importance of game R&D industrialization from multiple dimensions.

On the other side, different game teams have their own opinions on the industrialization of game development. Among them, Bai Xiaolou, the head of the engine and TA Middle Office from NUVERSE Jiangnan Studio, will bring some thoughts, explorations, and practices on the construction of industrialization in terms of the engine and TA Middle Office.

Meanwhile, Lv Muhan, founder and CEO of Crossing Star Studio, will share the industrialization thinking of game copywriting. It is difficult to industrialize the idea of games, but narrative work can and must be industrialized, and she will also introduce how game copywriting can be industrialized and produced on a large scale.

More diversified, more pragmatic, and more focused on cutting-edge technologies

In addition to the continuation of the industrialization theme of last year, it can be clearly found that this UWA DAY is more diversified in the composition of topics.

It will not only discuss specific directions such as client development, back-end technology, technical art, test development, production, and planning, but also invite experts from a variety of popular game teams to discuss details such as SLG, MMO, turn-based, and sandbox games. The specific sharing by category truly meets the needs of different developers at different stages.

For example, Huang Yimin, the engine leader of the Lilith VGame project, will introduce the production plan and optimization of the terrain and surface of the SLG map. At the same time, based on the basic characteristics of SLG games, the improvement of the real-time shadow scheme in SLG games will be described.

The Client Technical Director and Main Programmer Xu Fanglei, and Art Director Huang Haijia of “Xuan Zhong Ji” from Cangming Inc, will respectively discuss the CPU, GPU, memory, and other aspects of the development process of the 3D big world MMO mobile game “Xuan Zhong Ji” and share performance optimization experience and art process experience in how to build a small company’s art team, how to set the tone for the project’s art style, etc.

Funtoy game 3D main beauty, art TA Wang Xin and performance optimization engineer Qiu Wenbo will share the advantages and disadvantages of scene production plans and common process production during the development of the two-dimensional turn-based mobile game “Cat Planet”. In addition, Xia Yang, the Senior Client Developer from NetEase Games, will talk about the challenges encountered in the development of the combat system of “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT” with millions of sales and their solutions.



In contrast, the industrialization of games is inseparable from the fueling of technology. Therefore, UWA DAY 2022 will also bring a lot of cutting-edge technology sharing.

The first one is the iteration of engine technology, with UE5-related technologies gradually becoming a new choice for game developers. On UWA DAY 2022, Liu Wei, the Technical Support Engineer from Epic Games China, will bring the problems and solutions that UE5 faces in implementing delay pipelines on mobile devices.

The next topic is the application of more graphics and AI technologies in the game field. Around this topic, industry experts will share their insights; for example, Tong Xin, chief researcher/global partner of Microsoft Research Asia, will share the application of technologies such as photorealistic rendering/face animation in games; Lin Jianshi, head of game AI anti-crack technology from Netease Zhiqi, will bring AI applications in game anti-crack; Li Hao, head of game AI robotics technology, will introduce the challenges encountered in the production of AI robots and the corresponding solutions.

In addition, Ma Lisha, Senior Product Manager from Microsoft cloud computing and artificial intelligence and head of voice product games, will also share how to design more diversified game characters and game voices based on neural network voices.

It is worth mentioning that in August this year, the technical demonstration video of the film-level cloud-native game “The Grass of Genesis” of the WELL-LINK was released, which caused a lot of discussions. On this UWA DAY, Li Shilin, the Main Programmer of Ark Studio, will share the production ideas and use cases of various special effects in “The Grass of Genesis”.



It is not difficult to find that digital human has also been a hot topic in the animation, game, and metaverse industries in the past two years, and how to build a realistic digital human has also become a key technology to promote the development of the industry. On this UWA DAY, Professor Jin Xiaogang from the School of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University will also share the two works of his research group published on SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia around the construction of high-precision face modeling and dressed human animation.


In an interview this May, founder and CEO of UWA, Zhang Xin mentioned to GameLook that to determine the maturity of the domestic game industry, not the peak, but the median value needs to be paid attention to. Only by raising this benchmark value can the Chinese game industry truly go global and lead the world. “And in this process, the industrialization of games is the only way to follow in the next decade.”

It is also understandable that UWA chooses to “jump into the game” to help more and more game companies truly practice R&D industrialization, and tries to grow up in the increasingly competitive and changing market.

From this perspective, UWA DAY 2022, which will deliver 47 hardcore speeches in 2 days, obviously hopes to bring more inspiration to the participants about game development and industrialization as much as possible. If you are a developer or enthusiast, you may wish to check on this event.

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That’s all for today’s sharing. Of course, life is boundless but knowing is boundless. In the long development cycle, these problems you see maybe just the tip of the iceberg. We have already prepared more technical topics on the UWA Q&A website, waiting for you to explore and share them together. You are welcome to join us, who love progress. Maybe your method can solve the urgent needs of others, and the “stone” of other mountains can also attack your “jade”.


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